Oh look – another blog!

I keep doing this. And by “this”, I mean starting a blog and risk it gathering dust. I had a gardening blog once, but that didn’t last long (rather like my gardening!). I almost started a knitting blog a few weeks ago, but told myself I’d have too little to write about and should just hang out on Ravelry instead. But of course I can’t just blurt out every knitting-related thing that springs to mind, not unless I want to induce the online equivalent of backing away making hurried excuses…

And so here I am, setting up a new blog with the focus on knitting. It won’t be just about knitting, since I have other interests too, but it will be focused on the domestic sphere. If you want to know more about my novels and short stories, check out my main website. I have a blog there too!

(waits a bit…)

You back? Cool! So, on with the knitting blog!