About Me

Hi! My name is Anne and I’m a knitting addict…

I learnt to knit and crochet from my Mum when I was young, but she was so skilled and prolific that I had little incentive to knit myself. I did manage to complete one sweater whilst revising for my finals – it was a great way to mentally unwind between study sessions whilst I absorbed and processed what I had just read – but flushed by this success I bit off more than I could chew. I attempted a Fairisle sweater without swatching first, and it turned out about 2 sizes too small. Annoyed with myself for wasting all that time and yarn, I put down my needles and didn’t pick them up again until February 2014.

Now I spend far too much of my spare time and cash on my rediscovered hobby – I already have four stash boxes that are rapidly filling up! I particularly love our native British wools, such as West Yorkshire Spinners’ Blue-faced Leicester, and artisan yarns such as Posh Yarn.

I’m on Ravelry, of course, where I’m redfox-knits – whilst I use my real name elsewhere online, I’ve found I prefer using a pseudonym for my hobbies, as it makes it feel so much less formal. When not knitting, I work full-time as a web developer and also write fantasy novels (and a few short stories).