2015 – The Year of the Sheep!

2015-new-year-card-with-red-sheep-263x300Phew, where has the time gone? I paused in my blogging in the run-up to Christmas, mostly because I was gift-knitting and so couldn’t talk about what was on my needles, and next time I look up it’s February…

Anyway, I thought it was high time to post my knitting resolutions for 2015.

1. Buy British!

Back in the Middle Ages, the wool trade was at the heart of our economy. By Elizabethan times it was starting to decline, and in order to support the farmers, dyers, weavers, etc, laws were passed obliging every citizen to wear a cap made of English wool. These days, farmers are lucky to get enough for their fleeces to pay for the shearing, so I’m keen to do my bit to preserve the industry.

We have so many lovely yarns available, and yet at the moment only about 10-15% of my stash is completely home-grown (a rather larger percentage is spun and/or dyed in the UK, but the fibre is of foreign or uncertain origin). Whilst British wool won’t fulfil all my knitting needs, I can at least aim to increase my usage of it – and it feels like an especially appropriate resolution in the Year of the Sheep!

2. Finish at least one sweater/cardigan

Since i only got back into knitting last year, I’ve been focusing on small projects so that it wouldn’t be a complete waste if they didn’t work out. Nonetheless I couldn’t resist buying several sweater quantities of yarn, so this year I want to knit two or three of those up. Definitely no more SQs for me until that’s done – I’m thinking that a “one in, one out” rule should apply here.

3. Knit more socks!

Hats and mittens were my focus this autumn and winter, for practical reasons, but even allowing for different weights and styles for different seasons one only needs a few of them. On the other hand one can never have too many socks, because a) they need washing way more often than hats and b) they wear out. I love the idea of having a drawer full of beautiful hand-knitted socks, hence it’s the one area where I’m allowing myself to buy more yarn. Speaking of which…

4. Keep the stash under control!

I’m not going on a strict yarn diet, but my stash is large enough that I really don’t want it to increase as much in 2015 as in 2014, when it went from zero to six storage boxes! To that end, I’ve been matching my stash to projects in my queue, so my plan is to mainly buy sock yarn and a few souvenir skeins on my travels (possibly combining the two).

Here’s my 2015 Flash Your Stash photo from the end of January:


Yeah, that’s a lot of yarn for one year, and of course it doesn’t include the WiPs, such as the SQ of Donegal tweed that’s being turned into a cardigan. So yeah, I definitely need to restrain myself in 2015…