Little Knits for The Big Knit

Ever since I got back into knitting, I’ve been thinking about doing something for charity. I saw various events highlighted in the magazines I was buying, but they mostly seemed to require big and/or complex projects, such as dolls, that I didn’t feel ready to tackle yet. So I was excited when I found out a couple of weeks ago that there was still time to contribute to innocent’s Big Knit, in aid of Age UK.


For those of you overseas who’ve not heard of this, once a year the UK drinks company innocent sell their little bottles of smoothies and juice mixes with little knitted (and crocheted) hats on, to raise money to help old people pay their heating bills. The hats are donated by knitters, and lots of free patterns are available at various difficulty levels so everyone can join in. The hats are so much fun to knit, and so small that even a relatively slow knitter like myself can whip one up in half an hour or so.

bobble_hatsAlso, because the hats are small, long-time knitters can easily knit them up for free, using scraps from their stash. Since I only returned to knitting a few months ago, I don’t have a lot of these scraps, and what I do have is mostly in muted colours: dull brown, olive green, cream. Not exactly the kind of colours you associate with yummy smoothies! Of course every knitter loves an excuse to buy yarn, so I went to my favourite online yarn store, Deramores, and ordered a load of King Cole Merino Blend DK in a variety of bright, fruity colours.

Sure, I could have bought bargain-basement acrylic, but a) I hate knitting with acrylic and b) I figured that a lot of these little hats will get thrown away, so making them out of 100% wool is the environmentally friendly option. Merino Blend DK doesn’t cost a lot more than acrylic, and online shops have way more colours in stock than my LYS, so I don’t feel bad about my yarn splurge!

sun_hatsAlthough the final deadline is 14 December, I really need to get my hats to Age UK by 14 November so that they qualify for the 25p per hat donation. I thus have a mere two weeks to get as many hats made as I can. So far, as you can see from my photos, I’ve knitted four “intermediate” bobble hats and three brimmed “Easter bonnets” decorated with sequin flowers. This weekend and next week I’ll be attempting some of the fancier designs, then they’ll all go into the post – but I’ll take photos of them all, just as a reminder.

So, back to the knitting!